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An age-old problem facing anyone in the underground construction business is making sure that they do not accidentally damage underground utilities in the process of digging. Solutions have ranged from the simple…...hand-digging to expose the utility, to the just plain foolhardy…..using a backhoe to make the job "easier". Recently, the development of Air-Vacuum Excavation Systems, machines developed specifically for the purpose of safely and economically uncovering utilities, offer utility professionals a faster, more economical and much safer method of exposing buried utilities.

Air-Vacuum Excavation Systems use high-pressure air in combination with a powerful vacuum to first break up the soil and then remove it. This process enables a hole, typically 1 ft. square by as deep as is necessary to uncover the utility, to be dug quickly, easily and, most importantly, safely. After the utility is exposed its exact location is marked and then the removed spoils are placed back in the hole as backfill. Air-Vacuum Excavation Systems eliminate the backbreaking labor involved in hand digging and, since spoils stay dry for use as backfill, there are no spoils disposal costs.

Air-Vacuum Excavation Systems offer the utility professional the following benefits:
• The ability to dig faster than water in most soil conditions
• Spoils remain dry for fast, easy backfilling
• The elimination of the time and cost of mud disposal
• Much safer for both utilities and operators.........air won’t cut or damage utilities
• Air won’t damage the roadbase or spread contamination plumes

VACMASTERS systems range in size from the small, trailer mounted SYSTEM 1000 to the truck mounted SYSTEM 4000, the world's most powerful Air-Vacuum Excavation System. All offer anyone digging in the ground the ability to avoid the economic and safety consequences of accidentally damaging a utility.

The SYSTEM 1000…..the perfect entry level Air-Vacuum Excavation System. Small, compact and very affordable, yet with the power to enable operators to take advantage of the economic and safety advantages of potholing with air. Designed for truck, trailer or skid mounting, the SYSTEM 1000 has most of the features of VACMASTERS larger, heavy-duty models, including water, without sacrificing convenience and performance. The SYSTEM 1000’s lower price makes it ideal for those now potholing with water and wanting to step up to air.

The SYSTEM 4000…..the world’s most powerful Air-Vacuum Excavation System. The SYSTEM 4000 has the brute force to dig deep down with air, exposing utilities in even the hardest soils without damaging them. Now wet, heavy clays, sun baked caliches, even ground frost are no match for the unexcelled power of the SYSTEM 4000. The SYSTEM 4000 offers operators the ability to re-use dry spoils, eliminate mud disposal problems and enjoy the added safety of potholing with air in all soil conditions.

VACMASTERS Div., Barone, Inc. (800) 466-7825

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