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SpectraShield Liner Systems

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PO Box 57309

Jacksonville, FL 32241

United States

Phone (904) 419-4889

Fax (904) 419-4892

SpectraShield® provides a corrosion-resistant liner that restores your wastewater structure’s walls to their original surface levels while eliminating water infiltration and exfiltration. Using a patented, proven polymeric-based system that rehabilitates structures damaged by the effects of hydrogen sulfide, SpectraShield® can also protect newly constructed facilities from suffering a similar fate.

SpectraShield® is the only polymeric lining system of its type designed specifically for wastewater structures. First introduced in 1993 by inventor James M. Hume, SpectraShield® rapidly gained popularity among municipalities frustrated with the failure rate and replacement costs of traditional cementitious and epoxy systems. SpectraShield® is manufactured by CCI Spectrum, LLC in Jacksonville, Florida which is one of the very few manufacturers that also installs its own product. This gives Owners and their engineering firms added confidence in our practical hands on experience and industry best 10 YEAR WARRANTY!

SpectraShield® uses a trenchless cured in place (CIP) application that goes on in three easy layers. Layer one creates a moisture barrier with a coat of silicone-modified polyurea. Layer two is a surfacer made of closed cell polyurethane foam that restores the structure to original levels by filling all voids, eroded areas, bug holes and missing mortar joints. Layer three is a final layer of silicone modified polyurea (in our signature pink color) that serves as the ultimate corrosion barrier.

In addition to preventing corrosion and stopping infiltration, SpectraShield® restores structural integrity with a semi-flexible “stress skin panel” effect. Unlike competing products, SpectraShield® is not susceptible to cracking with common ground movement conditions like freeze/thaw, wet/dry and traffic loading. Because of its ease of application and rapid curing, project costs and interferences are minimized. A typical manhole can be treated in less than one hour.

SpectraShield®’s 100-year design life and system performance has been evaluated by leading civil engineering institutions including the U.S. Army Engineering Research and Development Center and University of Houston’s Center for Innovative Grouting Materials and Technology (CIGMAT). The system has been tested extensively for adhesion, corrosion performance and resistance to hydrostatic pressure. SpectraShield® now protects thousands of structures throughout the U.S. and abroad, covering over 7.5 million square feet.

SpectraShield® is uniquely different – there is no comparable system!

Visit or call 1-800-284-2030.

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