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Hunting Trenchless

3817 Melancon Rd.

Broussard, LA 70518

United States

Phone (337) 367-9292

Hunting Trenchless is the original manufacturer of one-piece forged HDD drill pipe and continues to lead the world in providing innovative trenchless technology.
Drill Pipe & Tooling. Hunting’s HDD drill pipe and tooling are designed and precision manufactured to fit together and work together. The result is a seamless drill string engineered to perform. Hunting not only supplies drill pipe to match the OEM specs of your drill, our pipe can make it work harder than it ever has. And our full line of saver subs, drive chucks, starter rods, transition subs, and quick connects are available to make your switch seamless.
Mud Motors. Hunting’s mud motors incorporate SWB™ (Survey While Boring) Technology that directly improves your ability to control the bit's direction. By locating the sonde housing into the bearing housing just 3 feet behind the bit, the operator has the most effective tracking information of any other mud motor in the industry.
Rock Tooling. Designed after Hunting's proven HDD mud motor technology, Hunting's Rocknife™ transmitter housing can withstand the toughest of conditions. The Rocknife™ uses separate thrust and radial bearings for downhole forces, while competitive products use only radial bearings for handling multidirectional loads. Its 6-tab patent-pending LockingLid™ eliminates the need for threaded fasteners and specialty tooling. The Rocknife™ delivers the same innovation and quality you've come to expect from Hunting so you can drill with confidence.
From raw materials to final machining, every Hunting product adheres to tougher standards than any others in the industry. Hunting is committed to providing unmatched quality and total customer satisfaction.

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