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Vermeer MV Solutions

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2006 Perimeter Rd.

Greenville, SC 29605

United States

Phone (864-277-5870/800-435-9661

Fax (864) 235-9661

In November 2018, Vermeer Corporation announced the purchase of Vac-Tron Equipment and brought it together with McLaughlin Group, Inc. which was purchased by Vermeer in 2017. The new business unit is called Vermeer MV Solutions. This acquisition and integration of the two companies builds on the Vermeer strategy to provide a comprehensive suite of vacuum excavation technology, equipment, training and support to the growing underground utility and soft dig markets.

Founded in 1997, Vac-Tron has grown to become a respected brand known for innovative, high-quality vacuum excavation products sold and serviced across underground utility markets. Headquartered in Okahumpka, FL, Vac-Tron offices and production facilities employ more than 100 people.

McLaughlin, a drill tooling and vacuum excavation company was founded in 1921 in Greenville, SC. With more than 100 team members, McLaughlin brought nearly a century of industry knowledge into the Vermeer fold in 2017.

Vermeer MV Solutions offers vacuum excavation technology and equipment through both the McLaughlin and Vac-Tron brands, as well as McLaughlin-branded utility accessories and auger boring systems. Vermeer MV Solutions is a way of linking the three brands together under one unified name. This name maintains the legacy of McLaughlin (M) and Vac-Tron (V), as well as the Vermeer brand that is already present on the products that Vermeer MV Solutions represents. With its innovation leadership and deep market expertise, it has become “the new powerhouse in vacuum excavation.”

Today’s growing communities mean growing infrastructure, and a growing infrastructure means growing business for underground contractors. It also means an ever-expanding maze of underground utilities that need to be drilled around. Locating underground lines is more challenging than ever and requires diligence on the part of the contractor to ensure their crew is safe and the project remains profitable. The biggest challenge contractors face is the vast amount of pipe and cable already underground. These congested lines give off more interference, requiring extra care when locating and exposing lines.

Vermeer MV Solutions offers both single-frequency and multi-frequency locator systems. Our multi-frequency systems allow you to precisely tune the frequency to the type of line or pipe you are trying to locate. At the push of a button, the locator measures signal strength and uses an algorithm to convert data into an estimated depth, so you’ll see exactly where the line or pipe is located. Contractors are not allowed to dig in the safe zone, which may be from 18 inches to 3 feet from either side of the marked line. They are only allowed to dig by hand or use a non-destructive method like vacuum excavators.

Using a locator followed by a vacuum excavator is the best approach to expose and visually identify lines prior to digging. And, using a vacuum excavator instead of a shovel provides significant advantages. A shovel against a water pipe is non-destructive, but on a fiber-optic line it can be as destructive as a backhoe. Today, vacuum excavation is the least intrusive and safest way to excavate in congested areas. Our unique series of truck-mounted and trailer vacs use pressurized air or water to displace soil and create a dry or wet spoil. The displaced spoil is then removed through a hose, using high-velocity suction, and is stored in a holding tank on the vacuum.

In addition to our full line of locators and vacuum excavation equipment Vermeer MV Solutions is also a leading manufacturer of core saws and piercing tools. For many years, you’ve known the McLaughlin and Vac-Tron brands to be leading players in the vacuum excavation industry. And Vermeer dealers have pretty much been the exclusive distribution channel for both

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