Manhole: coatings

SpectraShield Liner Systems

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PO Box 57309

Jacksonville, FL 32241

United States

Phone (904) 419-4889

Fax (904) 419-4892

SpectraShield® provides a corrosion-resistant liner that restores your wastewater structure’s walls to their original surface levels while eliminating water infiltration and exfiltration. Using a patented, proven polymeric-based system that rehabilitates structures damaged by the effects of hydrogen sulfide, SpectraShield® can also protect newly constructed facilities from suffering a similar fate. SpectraShield® is the only polymeric lining system of its type designed specifically for wastew [MORE]

CategoriesCoatings, repair/rehab;Corrosion control;Manhole: coatings;Manhole: rehab systems;Treatment plant/lift station rehab;

A. W. Cook Cement Products

242 Amy Industrial Way

Hoschton, GA 30548

United States

Phone 706 654 3677

Fax 706 654 3662

CategoriesManhole: coatings;Manhole: rehab systems;

Applied Felts Inc.

450 College Dr.

Martinsville, VA 24112

United States

Phone (276) 656-1904

Fax (276) 656-1909

CategoriesCIPP;Felts, liners;Felts, pipe wrapping;Liners: PVC;Manhole: coatings;

Armored Coatings, Inc.

1322 Ross St. Ste. A

Petaluma, California 94954

United States

Phone 707 769-3022

Fax 707 769-3066

CategoriesCoatings, concrete;Coatings, repair/rehab;Manhole: coatings;Manhole: rehab systems;Sewer robotics;

Enviro Tech Coatings

409 Heartland Ct

Lincoln, Ca 95648

United States

Phone 602 363 8492

Fax 916 409 9037

CategoriesCoatings, concrete;Coatings, epoxy;Coatings, repair/rehab;Manhole: coatings;Manhole: rehab systems;

Infrastructure Repair Systems,Inc

4301 A 34th Street N

St Petersburg, FL 33714

United States

Phone 7273274216

Fax 7273274118

CategoriesManhole: coatings;Manhole: rehab systems;Pipe renewal systems;Pipe sealing;Point repair;

Neopoxy International, Inc.

23964 Clawiter Road

Hayward, CA 94545

United States

Phone (510) 782-1290

Fax (510) 782-1292

CategoriesCoatings, epoxy;Manhole: coatings;Manhole: rehab systems;Pipe lining systems;Point repair;

Nukote Coating Systems

4730 Consulate Plaza Drive

Ste. 100

Houston, TX 77032

United States

Phone 832-770-7100

Fax 281-227-0909

CategoriesCIPP;Coatings, epoxy;Liners: epoxy-FRP;Manhole: coatings;Manhole: inserts;Manhole: rehab systems;Sewer Inspection;

Raven Lining Systems

13105 East 61st Street, Ste. A

Broken Arrow, OK 74012

United States

Phone 800-324-2810

Fax 918-615-0140

CategoriesCoatings, epoxy;Corrosion control;Manhole: coatings;Manhole: rehab systems;Pipe lining systems;

SewperCoat - Kerneos Inc.

1316 Priority Lane

Chesapeake, VA 23324

United States

Phone 7572843200

Fax 7572843333

CategoriesCoatings, concrete;Manhole: coatings;Manhole: rehab systems;Pipe lining systems;

Sprayroq, Inc.

P.O. Box 101717

4707 Alton Court

Birmingham, AL 35210

United States

Phone 800-634-0504

Fax 205-957-0021

CategoriesCoatings, polyurethane;Coatings, repair/rehab;Manhole: coatings;Manhole: rehab systems;Treatment plant/lift station rehab;

Tnemec Company, Inc.

6800 Corporate Dr.

Kansas City, MO 64120

United States

Phone 816-483-3400

Fax 816-483-3969

CategoriesCoatings, concrete;Coatings, epoxy;Coatings, polyurethane;Corrosion control;Manhole: coatings;


PO Box 2484

Fayetteville, NC 28302

Phone (910) 483-5016/(800) 542-7011

Fax (910) 483-0784

CategoriesDetectors, hazardous gas;Erosion control products;Manhole: coatings;Manhole: rehab systems;Manhole: vacuum systems;

WBE Dorcas, Inc.

2993 Broadmoor Valley Rd.

Ste. 103

Colorado Springs, CO 80906

United States

Phone 719-576-0343

Fax 719-576-1904

CategoriesCoatings, epoxy;Manhole: coatings;Manhole: rehab systems;

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