Hydro excavation

McLaughlin Group, Inc.

2006 Perimeter Rd.

Greenville, SC 29605

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Growing communities mean growing infrastructure, and a growing infrastructure means business for underground contractors. While this is all good, it also means an expanding maze of underground utilities that need to be drilled around. Locating underground lines is becoming more challenging and requires diligence on the part of the contractor to ensure their crew is safe and the project remains profitable. The biggest challenge is that there is so much more pipe and cable in the ground today [MORE]

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Vactor Manufacturing

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1621 S. Illinois St.

Streator, IL 61364

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In business for more than 100 years, Vactor Manufacturing is a leading provider of vacuum excavation equipment used by contractors and municipalities across the country for non-destructive digging in a wide range of applications, and an industry leader in sewer and catch basin cleaners and industrial vacuum loaders. With one of the largest and most developed distributor networks in the industry, Vactor has more than 50 North American distributors in more than 100 locations to serve the utility, [MORE]

CategoriesExcavators, hydro;Hydro excavation;Keyholing;Line locating;Sewer & catch basin cleaner;Sewer cleaning;Sewer cleaning equip.;Vacuum excavators/potholing;Vacuum systems: cleanout, mud removal;

AmeriVac Group Inc

10405 Airport Rd

Conroe, TX 77303

United States

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CategoriesExcavators, hydro;Hydro excavation;Vacuum excavators/potholing;

Borco, LP

2411 Frick Rd

Houston, TX 77038

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CategoriesExcavators, hydro;Hydro excavation;Shoring, braces-trench;Subsurface utility eng.;Vacuum excavators/potholing;

GapVax, Inc.

575 Central Ave

Johnstown, PA 15902

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CategoriesHydro excavation;Vacuum excavators/potholing;

Hydro Spy, LLC

2616 S. Loop West

Suite 100 H

Houston, TX 77054

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CategoriesExcavators, hydro;Hydro excavation;Line locating;Utility locating service;Vacuum excavators/potholing;


14123 42nd Street NE

St.Michael, MN 55376-9564

United States

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CategoriesCoatings, repair/rehab;Contractor, pipe rehab;Grout/grouting systems;Hydro excavation;Liners: epoxy-FRP;Manhole: rehab systems;


13322 Confer Rd

Houston, TX 77079

Phone (713) 783-3363

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CategoriesExcavators, hydro;Hydro excavation;Line locating;Utility locating service;Vacuum excavators/potholing;

TD Production

747 Buckhorn Drive

Rifle, Colorado 81650

United States

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CategoriesExcavators, hydro;Hydro excavation;Pumps, hydrostatic testing;Vacuum excavators/potholing;Vacuum systems: cleanout, mud removal;

Tornado Technologies, Inc.

3236 - 50th Ave. SE

Calgary, AB T2B-3A3


Phone 403-244-3333

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CategoriesHydro excavation;Vacuum excavators/potholing;

TransAmerican Underground

1904 Peninsula Dr.

Flower Mound, TX 75022

United States

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CategoriesDirectional drilling services;Engineering services;Equipment rental;Hydro excavation;

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