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Ditch Witch

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PO Box 66

1959 W. Fir Avenue

Perry, OK 73077-0066

United States

Phone 580-572-2337

Fax (580) 572-3523

Ditch Witch®, a Charles Machine Works Company, invented the underground utility construction industry, and today it designs, manufactures and markets the most complete line of directional drills, drill pipe, HDD tooling, vacuum excavators, trenchers, chain, teeth and sprockets, mini-skid steers and vibratory plows. Ditch Witch products are known around the world for their superior power, advanced design, rugged construction, great quality and orange color. Handcrafted in the USA, its products ar [MORE]

CategoriesDirectional drilling rigs, large;Directional drilling rigs, micro;Directional drilling rigs, mid;Directional drilling rigs, mini;Directional Drilling Tools;Downhole tools;Excavators, hydro;Excavators, mini;Loaders, skid steer;Mud mixing systems;Mud vacuums, directional boring;Piercing tools, hydraulic;Plows;Plows, cable & pipe;Trailers, equipment;Trenching machine replacement parts;Trenching machines, canal;Trenching machines, rock saws;Trenching machines, wheel;Trenching machines: boom/crawler;Trenching machines: boom/rubber tire;Vacuum excavators/potholing;Vacuum systems: cleanout, mud removal;

Ackerman International

PO Box 951

Mt Carmel, IL 62863

United States

Phone (618) 262-8656

Fax (618) 263-4182

CategoriesDownhole tools;Mud mixing systems;

ADDS/Advanced Directional Drilling Systems

PO Box 80192

Lafayette, LA 70598-0192

Phone (318) 261-2646

Fax (318) 261-2669

CategoriesDirectional drilling rigs, mini;Downhole tools;

AIM Directional Tools

1930 SE 29th St

Oklahoma City, OK 73129

Phone (405) 672-2222

Fax (405) 672-2272

CategoriesConventional hole openers;Downhole tools;Reamers;

Condux International

145 Kingswood Road

Mankato, MN 56001

United States

Phone 800-533-2077

Fax 507-387-1442

CategoriesBridges, pipe support;Couplings, pipe;Downhole tools;Pilot bits;Pulling grips;

DCD Design & Manufacturing Ltd.

#180-6620 McMillan Way

Richmond, BC V6W 1J7


Phone (604) 232-4445

Fax (604) 232-4446

CategoriesDownhole tools;Pipe pullers/pushers;


408 Temple Brown Road

Roseburg, Oregon 97470

United States

Phone 541-430-1926

Fax 541-673-0461

CategoriesDownhole tools;Pilot bits;Reamers;Rock drill bits;Roller cone drill bits-tungsten;

First Corp International

5000 Kaltenburn Rd

Fort Worth, Texas 76119

United States

Phone 817-561-5040

Fax 817-561-5951

CategoriesConventional hole openers;Downhole tools;Drill, rotary;Pilot bits;Reamers;

Gemstar Manufacturing

1515 North 5th Street

Cannon Falls, MN 55009

United States

Phone 800-533-3631

Fax 507-263-3921

CategoriesAttachments: tool carriers;Downhole tools;

Halco America

11970 Commerce Lane

Benton, IL 62812

Phone (618) 439-9417

Fax (618) 439-6385

CategoriesDownhole tools;

HDD Broker, Inc.

9240 Bonita Beach Rd. SE

Suite 3300

Bonita Springs, FL 34135

United States

Phone (866) 960-3331

CategoriesDirectional drilling rigs, large;Directional drilling rigs, mid;Directional drills: used;Downhole tools;

Keystone Drill Services, Inc.

184 Alisa St.

Somerset, PA 15501

Phone (800) 221-0586

Fax (814) 443-6974

CategoriesDownhole tools;Rock drill bits;

Mills Machine Co.

PO Box 1514

Shawnee, OK 74802-1514

United States

Phone 405-273-4900

Fax 405-273-4956

CategoriesDownhole tools;Pilot bits;Reamers;Rock drill bits;Teeth, points adaptors & pockets;


P.O. Box 13886

Roanoke, VA 24038

United States

Phone (540) 344-9939

Fax (540) 344-9942

CategoriesDownhole tools;Pilot bits;

Numa HDD Hammers and Bits

646 Thompson Rd

PO Box 348


United States

Phone 8603155846

Fax Numa DTH Hammers and Bits

CategoriesBoring machine, rock;Directional Drilling Tools;Downhole tools;Rock drill bits;Rock drilling systems;

PowerStream Technology

1163 S 1680 West

Orem, UT 84058

United States

Phone (801) 764-9060

CategoriesDownhole tools;

Premium Rock Bit

1627 West 9th St.

PO Box 643

Mount Carmel, IL 62863

United States

Phone 618-262-4921

Fax 618-262-7106

CategoriesDownhole tools;Drill, rotary;Rock drill bits;Roller cone drill bits-tooth;Roller cone drill bits-tungsten;

Prime Horizontal

Salland 3

Beverwijk, Beverwijk/Noord Netherlands 1948 RE


Phone +31 251271790

Fax +31 251 271064

CategoriesDownhole motors;Downhole tools;Engineering services;Guidance Systems;Mud motors;

Scorpion Oil Tools

13913 Faber Street

Houston, TX 77037

United States

Phone 281-999-2222

Fax 281-999-2020

CategoriesDownhole tools;Hammers/breakers, hydraulic;Pipe, piling;Rock drill bits;Tools electric, hydraulic, pneumatic;

SubSurface Instruments Inc.

1841-C Plane Park Drive

DePere, WI 54115

United States

Phone 920-347-1788

Fax 920-347-1791

CategoriesDownhole tools;Leak detection;Locators, cable/pipe fault;Surveying equipment/supplies;Tools, hand;

Tarheel Contractor's Supply, Inc.

162 Porter Road

Rock Hill, SC 29730

United States

Phone 803-329-9200

Fax 803-329-9202

CategoriesBentonite/fluid additives;Downhole motors;Downhole tools;Mud: drilling fluids/polymers;Pipe, HDPE;

Tensteer LLC

4245 Gattis School Rd.

Round Rock, TX 78664

United States

Phone 512-670-0447

Fax 512-670-1070

CategoriesBoring mach., guidance systems;Downhole tools;Steering equipment, electronic,underground;

Varel International

15800 International Plaza

Ste. 150

Houston, TX 77032

United States

Phone (281) 670-2401

CategoriesDownhole tools;Heads, cutters horizontal auger road bore;

Wenzel Downhole Tools, Ltd

3115-93rd Street

Edmonton, AB T6N 1L7


Phone (780) 440-4220

Fax (780) 469-8054

CategoriesDownhole motors;Downhole tools;

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